The magic of touch & appreciation


For many people Tantra is known as some kind of sexual practics, like an erotic massage with a romantic touch. The hype in the 2000s has become mainstream. But true tantra can never be mainstream because it's all about awareness, self-discovering, spirituality and body awareness! Discover the energy that underlies Tantra. Experience directly and unfiltered how energy in the body moves, expands, and flows. The genital area is not stimulated. It is the magical aspect of physical and spiritual flow through opening and surrendering.

Be part of a tantric massage ritual. Authentic, sensual and touching.

Ecstatic-Body-Flow-Performance® & Event will inspire you!

The performance is embedded in a full-length program.

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1. Februar 2018


Authenticity versus Fake

Most people have seen porn. With just one mouse click you enter the 'pornographic cosmos'. Horny women, horny men, mare and stallion, bold, played ecstasy. Mostly faked ecstasy, templates for horny imaginations. What a cliche. But I haven't seen a video on the net that shows what empathy, tenderness and the clarity of energetic touch can trigger. Most people have never looked at anyone where authentic touch, emotion and flow are present.

It is very important to Elli to show you how sexual energy, life force, can move in a body. Inspired by sensitive touches that can be dynamic, gentle and powerful, the body of the model will relax and open. Being completely present, body is out of control, the energy expands, makes the body vibrate and flow.

Physical tantra is not primarily about the genital area. This is misunderstood tantra!

It is primarily about opening oneself to life energy and using it as an instrument of energization and personal transformation. Most people would confirm when asked if the purpose of life is to become a better person. Developing oneself as an entire beeing always involves integration, even its dark side. The second aspect is the development of mindfulness, empathy and appreciation for the female and male forces as a unit. This includes everyday life and relationships in general. The holistic understanding of Tantra builds up deep communication skills, to yourself and your environment.

Tantra integrates all aspects of life!

Including the sexual aspects. Only on this topic are so many prohibitions, blockages and 'mindfucks' going on. That is why the tantric way is THE GREAT YES to yourself and to life.

We learn and understand any new things about watching and trying. In order to understand what a tantra massage, and other forms of massage like Lomi-Lomi * are and how they work, it is of great benefit to just watch to see how energy moves in the body, and ecstasy and flow will be visible.

The massage models are carefully selected and have an 'awakened body'.

In the performance the intimate area is not stimulated. We want to show how not stimulated sexual energy = life energy moves through the body as soon the massage model enters trance.

First and foremost, tantric massage or tantric body therapy is a tool to be fully present in your body (Embodiment) and to allow yourself to observe and expand life energy = Sexual energy.

It is about 'daring' to express your dedication, well-being and also pleasure. In this very moment sexual (life) force begins to unfold and literally moves through the body!

Unfortunately, there are many misconceptions regarding Tantric massage. We want to show how sexual power moves in the body without any stimulation of the genitals. We show how the model surrenders to the flow and is fully present in the body.

Tantra is a way to be authentic and relaxed, to allow one's body and mind to simply 'be'.

Tantra is a way to be authentic and relaxed, to allow one's body and mind to simply 'be'.

The event consists of three parts

1 arrival & welcome: atmospheric introduction to well-being and relaxation

2 Performance: Thanks to the massage by Daniel Höppli, Elli will be able to experience the "Ecstatic Body Flow"

3 FLOW BAR Lounge, drinks and open chats



After performance, we offer drinks to beautiful lounge sounds by DJ FLOW.

*Lomi-Lomi is a Hawaiian healing massage that uses a lot of oil to stimulate the body to open and flow more easily
** Lust has many facets and does not have to be associated with 'horniness'. 'Pleasure' has many facets and fun is always an element of it.